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Gift Ideas - Gift Boxed Items for Holidays and more!

Too Good Gourmet
Present Box of Cookies
are filled with homemade cookies!
Only the best and freshest ingredients are found in these cookies. Available in 7 oz. Present Boxes. Try them and you will come back for more! They're absolutely addictive! Choose from  White Chocolate Macadamia Nut in a Orange Box!
Chocolate Fudge Cookies in a Purple Box!
Lemon Tea Cookies in a Pink Gift Box!
What a perfect gift for that special teacher or friend! $7.00

Present Gift Boxes
Select Color:

Price: $7.00 Quantity:

NEW - Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies!
Great new gift idea - Crunchy fortune cookies dipped in white or dark chocolate, sprinkled with colorful sugar flowers. Packaged in elegant, clear tubes. Available October 10th. $6.50

Chocolate Fortune Cookies
Select Color:

Price: $6.50 Quantity:

NEW For Christmas! Holiday Ornaments!
Great new gift idea - Adorable candy-filled ornaments for the holidays ~ Filled with 2 oz. of foil-wrapped chocolates. Choose from Holiday House, Snowman, Gingerbread Man, or Angel decorative boxes. Available October 10th. $3.50

Chocolate Ornaments
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Price: $3.50 Quantity:

Our kraft Caboodle box with a pale blue &white band adorned with a coffee pot with a rooster motif. Contains:
1 - enliTEAment English Breakfast tea
1 - Hazelnut Prefect Pot Coffee Packet
1 - Cafe Classico Caramel cappuccino Mix
1 - White Chocolate Hazelnut Cocoa Mix
Price: $8.50

COUNTRY CABOODLES: Watermelon  Design Gift Box
Our kraft Caboodle box with our watermelon band, blue & white background with a watermelon, strawberries and sunflower. Contains:
1 - Apricot Medley Tea
1 - Raspberry Truffle Coffee perfect Pot
1 - Vanilla Cappuccino Mix
1 - French Vanilla Bean Cocoa Mix

Price: $8.50


A scrumptious stocking stuffer
These 1 oz. holiday truffles are also a great small treat to add to your gift giving this holiday season. Milk Chocolate with green wrapper. Also a fun treat to offer your guests at parties too! Stuff a few in your kids stockings! Price: $1.50

Lighthouse Gift Box -- Almost as good as relaxing at the shore, the box is pretty without being too 'girly'. Packed with a coffee perfect pot, 2 cocoa mixes, and 2 cappuccino mixes. $7.50

Lighthouse Gift Box Quantity

Cello Gift Mugs They are filled with an assortment of Coffee, Tea, and Cookie fillings. Mugs are Logo style or holiday depending on time of year. $10.00


Cello Gift Mug Quantity

Christmas Gift Bag of Truffles This festive gift bag is filled with luscious peanut butter truffles wrapped in bright red foil and delicious cool mint truffles wrapped in holiday green foil. These lovely gift bags are sure to bring a smile to your friends and loved ones faces. Net Weight: 5-oz. $7.50 ea.

Christmas Gift Bag



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