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New Auto-Ship Program

  We are excited to be offering this new program   to all our past and new shoppers!    Simply contact me at  and I will help you with all the details.

How Does Auto Ship Work?  

You have two choices:    Your first choice is to make a list of products you would like to receive every month.  Provide us with a Visa/Master Card number to bill you each month. Or, we can use the PayPal Subscription program.  We ship automatically your coffee/tea/specialty drinks and treats and bill your credit card or PayPal account.  

Sally has decided she'd like a bag of Snickerdoodle coffee, and a bag of Colombian Coffee, one of our new Bread mixes, a Savory Herb Spread, and a dozen of our homemade Biscotti cookies sent to her door every month.    

Your Second Choice is to choose from our Products of the Month categories. (New) Give us a price range say $20 value and we will automatically ship the products and charge your credit card or Paypal account.

This can be a variety of products or your choice.   Here's another example:   Jane has chosen to receive the product of the month in the following categories:   Ground Coffee Bag; Cookies; Tea Bags (she will receive 10);  Bread Mix; and Speciality drinks.   Jane will receive the product of the month in each area shipped on the 15th of each month.  Her charge card will be billed the amount of each item(s) plus appropriate postage.  

Jane is going to be gone in August and won't be home to receive her product.  She chooses to cancel her auto-ship for August so she sends an email to the home office by the 5th of August and lets us know she wants to skip the August shipment.      

Jane has decided to add another area to her auto-ship program.  She contacts me by the 5th of the month and let's us know that she would like to also get the product of the month in the Spreads category on the Products page.  We add that product to her auto-ship program  

You may cancel your auto-ship program at any time.  All auto-ships are shipped on the 15th of each month.  You must cancel your shipment for the month 10 days prior to shipment.  Our current shipping costs will apply to each order.  We will choose and announce Products of the month for the following month on the 15th of each month (ie Januarys Products of the Month will be listed on the web page on December 15th).  You must contact us by the 1st of the month if you do not want your auto-ship to go out for that month.      

There is no fee to join this great time saving way to enjoy gourmet products delivered directly to your door.

*$20 minimum order before s/h*

If you are interested in this New program please contact us at:
We are very excited about this and this is a great way to try some of our wonderful products and many new ones coming soon!

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