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All our teas are crafted from the finest natural ingredients, fresh and flavorful with a selection you should be able to find just what your looking for. The following is a list of each tea we offer here at Beans and Bears. We hope that it will help you in making your choice easier to decide which of our teas you are interested in trying. If you have further questions please don't hesitate to contact us to ask. Our teas are available to purchase in a quantity of 10 single tea bags, or prepackaged in a box of 8 tea bags, and some are available in both of these choices. A few are only available in sample boxes too. During the holidays we offer some special Christmas teas, prepackaged Christmas Gift totes, and we offer our Instant Spiced Apple Cider. Look for these items soon for your gift giving needs.

Stop by our Tea Boutique Collection for some Specialty Loose Teas.
You won't be sorry you did!

Tea & More

Tea Flavor Descriptions

Black Teas - $3.20 for 10 tea bags with the decaf. only available in a sampler box of 6 tea bags for $2.00 each

Earl Grey - Rare, fragrant amber-colored tea from India or Earl Gray decaffeinated - Premium black teas scented with oil of bergamot

English Breakfast or English Breakfast decaffeinated - This old favorite is full-bodied and stimulating.

Cinnamon Apple or Cinnamon Apple Decaffeinated - Delicious tea spiced with Korinjte cinnamon and natural apple essence.

Orange Spice - Robust black tea with orange essence, cinnamon, cloves and allspice.

Wild Strawberry - delicious tea flavored with wild strawberries.

Spiced Raspberry or Spiced Raspberry Decaffeinated - Natural ripe raspberry essence in a fine black tea with cinnamon.

Vanilla or Vanilla Decaffeinated - tea with natural carob and vanillin

Herbal Teas - only available in the sampler box of 6 tea bags for $2.00 each.

Chamomile & Fruit - Natural chamomile sweetness with complex fruit flavors.

Cranberry Orange - Tart cranberries, rosehips, and hibiscus with sweet orange essence.

Peppermint & Spice - Cool, refreshing mint with spice sweetness.

Roseberry Essence -A full bodied herbal tea with strong berry notes and sweet chamomile flavors.

Red, Green & White Teas - $3.20 for 10 tea bags each flavor.

Sun, Moon & Stars - Delicious blend of top quality green tea leaves with classic flavor.

Green Tea Garden - Flavorful green tea with plum and spice essences.

Green Tea with Lemon & Ginseng - Green tea with sweet ginseng and true lemon.

Green Tea with Mango & Citrus - Enjoy the tropical flavor! ( being replaced by Tropical Green )

Imperial Green - A special blend of fine green tea, toasted and popped rice

Jasmine Flower - Aromatic scented tea from China. Delicate floral bouquet and flavor

Moroccan Mint - A delicate combination of light green tea and mint

South African Rooibos - Rich and full - bodied "red tea" caffeine free. Full of vitamins and antioxidents. 

South African Honeybush - Sweet and mellow "red tea" similar to rooibos, but sweeter and slight peppery notes

White Peony - Wonderfully light with "chocolate " undertones. Picked for ultimate flavor at it's peak.

White Tea is a rare tea. Minimal processing and oxidation with careful plucking assure a delicate, yet complex flavor. We also have a Specialty Loose White Tea at the
Tea Boutique Collection that you will surely enjoy!

Dessert Teas - only available in prepackaged boxes of 8 tea bags per flavor for $2.60 each.

Unique teas, these are rich and flavorful herbal blends that brew dark and full-bodied in the cup, yet have no caffeine. They taste like irresistible desserts, without calories or fat!

Choose from Vanilla Cream Spice, Raspberry Cream Pecan, Lemon Ginger, Cherries Jubilee, or Peach Praline. "New" just added Caramel Peach with Coconut and Tangerine Almond.

Tea & Honey Teas- $3.20 for 10 tea bags and also available in the prepackaged boxes of 8 tea bags per flavor for $2.60 each.

These delicious teas contain real dried honey right in the tea bag. The honey dissolves instantly in the cup for a subtle sweetness. They're all herbal, caffeine-free, and only 18 calories per cup!

Spearmint Orange Spice - 3 of the most popular tea flavors combined with a hint of sweet honey.

Meyer Lemon - What could be better than the tang of lemon combined with the smoothness of honey?

Children's Tea - You'll be delighted by this tea, even if you're not a child. It brews rosy-pink in the cup and bursts with a fresh berry-punch flavor. Only available in sample boxes of 6 tea bags for $2 each.

Exotica Teas $0.32
Master tea blenders have found these beautiful teas in the famed tea growing regions of China, India, and Sri Lanka. These exceptional teas are available in small quantities, like a wine maker with a limited production of a particular vintage.

Golden Darjeeling - this is the first flush of spring tea ready for harvest. It is golden-  tipped pure Darjeeling, rarest of the Indian black teas, a delicate tea of amber color and flowery aroma, with a flavor that hints aof green muscat.

Exotica Reserve Blend Tea - Golden-tipped Darjeeling, Indian Assam, Ceylon, Formosa Oolong and a hint of Jasmine. A suberb afternoon or morning tea.

Dragonwell Green Tea - Eagerly awaited each spring in China, this finest grade  Dragonwell produces a pale green tea with a lingering sweet flavor.

Ceylon Estate Earl Grey Tea - This superb Ceylon tea is scented with pure bergamot oil from a small citus. The result is a truly exceptional Earl Grey.

Champagne Oolong - one of the world's most subtle and expensive teas, light and mild, with a fruity, slightly sweet flavor that harmonizes the elements of black and green tea.

China White - This extraordinarily rare tea is produced only in Fukien province from 100% tip or buds of a special tea plant. Yields a pale golden cup.

Assam Breakfast - Pure Indian Assam, dark and robust, from the fertile Brahmaputra Valley. Its unique malty flavor is excellent with a splash of cold milk

Osmanthus - the haunting essence of Osmanthus flower used in the world's most famous fragrances scents this rare and delicate tea from China's Guangxi province.

Tea Samplers

Have a hard time making up your mind? Just want a little variety? Try one of our sampler boxes!

Black Tea Sampler - 2 teabags each of Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Cinnamon Apple, Orange Spice, and Wild Strawberry. $3.50

Herbal Tea Sampler - 2 teabags each of Chamomile & Fruit, Peppermint & Spice, Cranberry Orange, Vanilla Cream Spice, and Lemon Ginger. $3.50

Green Tea Sampler - 2 teabags each of Sun, Moon & Stars, Green Tea Garden, Green Tea with Lemon & Ginseng, and Green Tea with Mango & Citrus. $3.50

"No-Buzz" Sampler - 2 teabags each of Decaffeinated Earl Grey, Decaffeinated English Breakfast, Raspberry Cream Pecan, Cherries Jubilee, and Children's Tea. $3.50

Organic Sampler - 2 teabags of each of our organic teas: English Breakfast, Peppermint, Green with Lemon Myrtle, Rosehips, or Rooibos Spice. $3.50

Exotica Sampler - 2 teabags each of Assam Breakfast, Ceylon Estate Earl Grey, Champagne Oolong, China White, Dragonwell Green, Exotica Reserve Blend, Golden Darjeeling, Osmanthus, and Silver Jasmine. $5.70

Organic Teas

Grown without pesticides, using sanctioned organic farming and processing methods, these teas are uncompromisingly delicious and rich in flavor. Available at the Tea Boutique Collection. Try our St. Dalfour Organic teas.

Available in Golden Peach, Black Cherry, Strawberry, Earl Gray and Lemon.

Loose Teas

Whether you've always preferred loose tea, or whether you're new to the experience, we have some delicious and unique varieties that you'll find hard to beat at our Tea Boutique Collection. You will also find a selection of Tea infusers for use of our loose teas but if you prefer we do also carry the t-sac, a 'tea bag easy' way to brew a cup of quality loose leaf tea without the mess and cleanup asociated with tea balls or strainers. Made from chlorine-free, unbleached paper, it's as simple as spooning your tea into the bag and adding hot water -- no holder needed.

T- sac - is available in two sizes Small (for cups and mugs) 10/$.75
, 100 box/$6.00

Large (for large cups and small pots) 10/$.95, 100 box/$7.50

Flavored Honeystix

Do you like honey in your tea? You'll love these! Each honeystix contains 1 teaspoon of pure honey, with a luscious hint of natural flavoring, and sealed in an environmentally safe plastic tube.

Herbal Honeystix 

Infused with herbal extracts and fresh, pure royal jelly, these sticks add an herbal "boost" to the naturally soothing and healing properties of honey. Try Royal Jelly, Echinacea, Ginkgo Biloba, or Ginseng. $.30 each

Cappuccino Mix

Individual packets of delicious instant cappuccino come in 5 delicious flavors. Excellent hot or cold!

Choose from Snickerdoodle, Caramelicious, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, English Toffee or French Vanilla Creme. $.90 each

Hot Cocoa Mixes

Our cocoas are rich and creamy, practically a dessert in a mug. Mix and match your favorite flavors.

Choose from French Vanilla Bean, Irish Creme Torte, Double Fudge Brownie, White Chocolate Hazelnut, Raspberry Truffle, Cool espresso Mint, Caramel Creme Brulee, Tiramisu Cheesecake, Maple, English Toffee, or Cappuccino, only $.90 per single-serve packet.

azteca d'oro 1519 - or called "MEXICAN SPICED COCOA" you will love this!

Today, we call it chocolate, but "Xocolatl" was the name of the ceremonial drink the Aztecs of Mexico served the Spaniards when they arrived in 1519. And this Mexican Spiced Cocoa is definitely something special. Why not have a ceremony of your own? Single serve packets $1.20, 12oz canister $7.00

Chai Tea Mix

Love the exotic flavor and spices of Chai tea, but hate the fuss of getting it "just right?"  We can say with confidence that BIG TRAIN CHAI mixes are the most outstanding Chai packets you can buy.  Each packet makes a smooth, creamy mug, with no more effort than adding hot water.  OR, try it iced!

AVAILABLE IN SIX VARIETIES:  Green Tea, Chocolate, Raspberry, Spiced, Vanilla and *NEW* Apple $1.75 per pack

Power Chai

Enriched with tea catechins (a natural anti-oxidant) and honey, this chai is not only delicious, it just might be good for you, too!  Additional exhilarating spices include cardamom to stimulate the mind, cloves to invigorate, ginger to heal and cinnamon to enhance.  Mix with milk for the richest flavor.  $1.60 each single-serving packet.

Frappe Mixes

Incredibly easy, these mixes are equally delicious whether mixed with hot water for a steaming cup, or blended with water (or coffee or milk) and ice for a refreshingly cool treat. Choose from espresso, Vanilla Latte, or Toffee Coffee in single serve packets, $1.90.

Spiced Apple Cider

This blend of apples and spices is a mouth-watering treat. Ready to serve when mixed with hot water, or make a cool, refreshing apple cider by mixing with cold water and ice.

Available for holiday gift giving ~ gift boxed in 1 quart package - 3 oz. $2.25 each

Icy Treats

Sometimes you're just not in the mood for something hot.
Why not treat yourself to the cool thrill of an iced delight?

Flavored Ice Tea or Lemonade - Perfect to stuff in your purse and add to a bottle of water on your way to the park or the pool this summer. Wonderful Americana packaging. Raspberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, Raspberry Tea and Peach Tea Mix $1.35 each

Quart sized iced teas - Choose from Apricot Papaya Strawberry, Cranapple Raspberry, Guava Peach, Lemon Key Lime, Mandarin Orange Green Tea, Mango Pineapple Banana, or Sugar Free Guava Peach. $2.10 each


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