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I'm glad you stopped by my Pie Point store!
Pie Points is a free reward program.
You can save money with online shopping sales,
find advertised freebies, participate in group auctions,
online parties and free rewards! Surfing the internet
has never been more enjoyable! If you are not already
a member, you can register
here, tell them
Beans and Bears sent you!!
Join in on the fun of looking for pies hidden
amongst various sites, including this one! You
could win free prizes..join what many others have
found to be rewarding. Join the
pie hunt!

Once you have decided to use your pie points at
Beans And Bears please use the "contact us" link at
the top of the page and include in the subject line
"redeem pie points" along with which item(s) your
interested in with payment information.
Items are subject to availability.
If your interested in making any further purchases,
you are welcome to include that information too or
make your purchase right off the website. Save on
shipping this way!
Thanks Beans And Bears

Members of Pie Points can use their points
accumulated to buy the following items in my store:

  Gift Mug filled with Goodies
Add this pretty Coffee or Tea Mug to your morning wakeup
and try some of our Gourmet Goodies inside it.
35,000 pie points plus $5 s/h

Baby Curly - USA Bear
This bear will make any 4th of July display patriotic.
25,000 pie points plus $3 s/h

  Perfect Pot of Coffee & Cappuccino Mix
This is a great couple of Brown Bag Gourmet
Goodies items to try. Assorted Flavors.
20,000 pie points plus $3 s/h

Beanie Baby Kaleidoscope the Cat
I'm wild and crazy as you can see
Other cats want to be like me
Some may say I look like a clown
But I'm the coolest cat in town!
20,000 pie points plus $3 s/h

2 oz. size of Beans And Bears
"NEW" Tea Boutique Loose Specialty Teas
Includes Tea -sac bags to use with the loose tea.
YUM ~ this tea is so special. You can even drink it
iced on a hot summer day!
Will include a Catalog of products as well.
15,000 pie points plus $2 s/h

Coffee Sampler
Includes 2 Perfect Pot Flavored Coffee bags,
an instant coffee spoon for coffee drinkers on the run,
and a Cookie to enjoy with your coffee!
5,000 pie points plus $7.50 includes s/h

Washington Attic Bunny
He is very cute wearing his zipper jacket
in blue with stars all over it. He is very patriotic
and a very nice addition to any 4th of July display.
5,000 pie points plus $10 includes s/h

Box of Brown Bag Gourmet Tea bag Sampler
Includes 10 different tea bag flavors
5,000 pie points plus $4.50 includes s/h

2 inch Tea Ball Infuser Cup size
10,000 pie points plus $2 s/h

Beans And Bears Gift Certificate $10
20,000 pie points plus $5 s/h

Beans And Bears Gift Basket
Will make a very nice gift for any Coffee or Tea Drinker.
Includes a variety of both Coffee & Tea products as
well as Gourmet Cookies, Candy, Spreads, and More.
Send this to a special friend or family member - just because!
Gift Basket picture is an example. Will be cello
wrapped with a bow and free card enclosure included.
We can theme the basket if you like as well as
add a beanie baby for an additional charge.
10,000 pie points plus $25 includes s/h