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Coffee Recipes
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Whole Bean Prices:
Small (1.5 oz)  $1.25
Medium (6 oz) $4.75 (*Decaf $5.35)
Large (12 oz) $8.95  (*Decaf $9.55)
Need it Gound?
Grinding Charge is $.25 per bag  -  Medium & Larges Sizes Only
We encourage you to buy  whole beans and a personal grinder for a
tastier, fresh cup of coffee.

Straights & Blends: What's a straight?  You may have also seen it called a varietal.  These are 100% pure coffees from a single origin.  They are usually identified by the location where it was grown.  Since the flavor of a coffee is affected by the growing conditions, such as  weather, they can vary widely from region to region.  An estate coffee is not only from one particular region, but was grown entirely on one farm or plantation.  A blend, then is what you might guess--a combination of coffees from different regions.  A talented roaster can blend a masterpiece!

Straights and Blends

Decaf Straights and Blends

Flavored Coffees

Our Flavors use only 100% Arabic

Flavored Coffee


Cafe Crema Blend - Colombian and Indonesian beans, roasted both American and Full City, and blended together.  This medium bodies coffee makes a wonderful espresso! 
Vienna Roast - Medium bodies with a crisp aroma.  Lightest of the dark roasts.


Can coffee change the world? Why Organic?

Yes!  Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world, and for many coffee producing countries, it is their largest (legal) export.  The growing conditions have a huge effect on people and the environment, so one of the best things we can do is educate ourselves about our coffee and its production.  Our Organic coffees come from Sacred Grounds in California and are certified organic in California.  We hope you will try our selections.  Available in 6 oz $5.25 or 12 oz $10.35  Whole Bean or regular and Day Dreamer Decaf in 6 oz $6.25 or 12 oz $12.25.  Need it ground?  Add $.25 a bag please.

New Moon Dark Roast: Our most populat blend!  Dark and rich, this blend of Central American and Far Eastern coffees wil please all dark roast lovers.
Guatemalan Aroma Roast: 
High grown, clean and bright, this coffee is “aroma” roasted, enhancing its natural complexity, while preserving its lighter notes.
Bolivan Colonial:
This exotic, Vienna Roasted coffee is high grown, balanced and spicey with hints of chocolate. Water Processed.
Day Dreamer Decaf:
– Too good to be called decaf!  This coffee has undergone the original, trademarked Swiss Water Process; the only QAI approved chemical free decaffeinating process in the world.

Organic Coffee

No time to make a pot of coffee, you've got to run with a quick cup?  Now you can enjoy the flavor of the finest gourmet coffee with the convenience of a single serving size.  Microwaveable tea-bag style coffees come in foil-lined, nitrogen-flushed packaging to retain freshness.  Available in Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Nut Swirl, Colombian Supremo, Hazelnut, Irish Creme, Swiss Mocha Almond, French Vanilla or Vanilla Nut Creme. $.75 each
Prefer decaffeinated?  Choose from Colombian Supremo, only $.75 each.


Perfect Pots

Whether you want to enjoy a variety of coffees, or just occasionally add a different flavor to your morning routine, here's just the ticket. Each packet contains 1 . 5 ozs. of delicious ground coffee, enough for a perfect 10-12 cup pot. Only $1.60 each, or $1.70 for decaffeinated flavors.





Coffee Greetings Packets

These 1 . 5 oz. gift packets feature colorful labels to help celebrate a variety of special occasions. Great in gift baskets or tucked into a mug for a quick gift. $2.00 each



NEW! Creamers

These coffee creamers turn a cup of coffee into a dessert.  They are non-dairy and have less than half the fat of other creamers.  Lightly sweetened they come in 8 flavors.  Choose from:  Raspberry Truffle, Cookies & Cream, Snickerdoodle, Cherry Vanilla, French Vanilla, English Toffee and Chocolate covered Almond.  $.85 each for individual packets.

Coffee Creamer

Price: $0.85 Quantity:

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